Why DIY Is Not the Best Approach to Vehicle Conversions

If you have suddenly been faced with the situation of caring for someone who is confined to a wheelchair or are yourself a wheelchair user, you are likely to have found that there are a lot of unexpected expenses cropping up in all areas of your life. From medical bills and rehabilitation, exercise or physiotherapy expenses, to stair lifts, ramp installation, and not least vehicle conversions. It can be hard to not start looking for ways to lower costs by cutting corners here and there, so, understandably, conversions of vehicle may be one area where a DIY approach is tempting. A lot of people may believe that wheelchair vehicle conversions are as simple as ripping out a few seats and fashioning a ramp out of a plank of wood or metal sheet, but that couldn’t be further from safe travelling policy.

To ensure safety for wheelchair confined passengers, both the passenger and the chair must be secured with premium quality adjustable straps and wheel locks, along with safety belts and head rests. If safety straps are not securely tightened, in the event of a collision, the wheelchair can collide with other passengers inside the car, causing further injury to them and the occupant of the wheelchair. Without the necessary expertise, it’s going to be difficult to install all of these elements necessary for complete vehicle conversions by you to an adequate level of safety. Experts in vehicle conversions will install seats and locks that have been crash tested to meet safety standards. Although DIY modifications may save some expense, it’s very unlikely that your own handy-work would comply with the standards necessary to withstand the force of a crash.

It’s often said that you can’t put a price on safety, and nowhere is that more true than in the business of wheelchair vehicle conversions where safety must be paramount. Often the need for such conversions arises at a difficult time in people lives during which they are faced with a great deal of personal, emotional, physical and financial strain, but this is one area where the importance of seeking the assistance of an expert cannot be underestimated.